Hi!  "How Much Yarn Do I Need?" I get this question a lot! 

Below is a handy general chart for estimating the amount of yarn you will need for a project.  This chart is useful if you come across a must-have yarn you want to add to your stash, before you have a pattern picked out or if you are creating your own design.  Please keep in mind that these are general amounts.  You may need more yarn for fancy stitches, color work or an oversize look.  You may need less for lace or if you use oversize needles.

To find how many skeins you should get find the project type and weight of the yarn you want in the chart below.  For example, say I want to make an adult scarf in NEWSPRINT Single Fingering yarn (shown above).  I can see from the listing that Single Fingering has 400 yards per skein.  I can see from the chart that I need approximately 660 yards for an 8x54" scarf.  So I would divide 660 by 400. This gives me 1.65 skeins rounded up to 2 skeins.

Yardage Chart

Hope this helps - Happy Yarn Stashing!