Yay – it's Super Bowl Sunday!  I have to confess something.  I don't like (or understand) Football.  Wait...don't leave! I do LOVE Super Bowl Sunday.  I love the family time, the puppy bowl pre-game, the food, the big colorful TV blaring, the cheering, the half-time show, seeing some amazing slow motion acrobatics and most of all...the Knitting!  I have a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that tonight will be all of those.  The simple things are the best!

What will I work on?  I currently have 3 projects in my big knitting tote bag: my Comfort Fade Cardi, My Migee Shawl, and (since Friday!) I'm now actively working on my Dotted Rays again.  All three are simple knitting, perfect for this evening.  So, I will have my pick and maybe work on all 3, the game is long!

So, Happy Super Bowl Knitting, Everyone!



Knitted Football Pattern Here!