Today I have a new Semi-Solid, Honeygold, available in Full and Mini size.  This is the slightly darker sibling to Honeycomb, and part of my quest to create a systematized gradient collection. There will be more gradient siblings coming this year for many shades - it is quite a big undertaking with such a large family of colors in my full collection.  If you have a special gradient collection need or request, please be sure to let me know!


On another note, I thought I would share with you an occasional suggestion for an Audio Book to listen to while you go about your day (or Crafting).  I am a huge fan of Audible and if it were not for them, I probably wouldn't read much.  I am always using my hands, so holding a book for a time is not really much of an option for me.  Many years ago, when they first started, I jumped on the Audible Bandwagon and have been an avid listener ever since.  Thank Goodness, because there are so many amazing books - and amazing readers - out there!  Right now I am listening to the red hot Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff. I can't "put it down"!  It is such a well written soap opera of behind the scenes of what has been happening in our White House for the past year.  I highly recommend - besides, this week everyone is talking about it, so that is fun too.

fire and fury